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    1260 Infinity II Multisampler


    1260 Infinity II Multisampler
    The Agilent 1260 Infinity II Multisampler can handle both vials and microtiter plates with ease and efficiency up to 600 bar system pressure, optimized for highe


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    1260 Infinity II Multisampler


         The Agilent 1260 Infinity II Multisampler can handle both vials and microtiter plates with ease and efficiency up to 600 bar system pressure, optimized for highest flexibility. In fact, this compact module has the capacity to house up to 6,144 samples, all inside the Agilent stack footprint. This is more than any single sampler from any other vendor . As well as the robotics to smoothly inject each into the chromatograph in turn. With Agilent’s unique dual-needle design, cycle time can be reduced efficiently using smart overlapped injections. And with our multiwash capability, you can reduce carryover to less than 9 ppm.


    • Unmatched flexibility – you choose how you want to introduce samples for injection, whether you prefer vials, microtiter plates, or any combination of formats. Sample drawers are available in three heights, and you can mix shallow drawers with deeper ones to accommodate different sample sizes.
    • High capacity – using shallow well-plate drawers, the 1260 Infinity Multisampler takes a maximum load of 16 microtiter plates and up to 6,144 samples—the most of any single system.
    • Seamless automation – internal robotics move microtiter plates and other sample containers from the sample ho to the central workspace for sample processing steps and injections.
    • Dual-needle injection – by running samples alternay through one or the other injection path, you can reduce cycle times to mere seconds, virtually eliminating conventional wait times—whether for large volume loadings or flushing procedures.
    • Scalable injection volumes – the Agilent unique dual-needle setup also enhances flexibility by providing two differently optimized injectors in a single instrument. You can, for example, optimize one path for large volume injections and the other for low delay volumes.
    • Ultralow carryover – designed for low carryover, but you can take clean to a whole new level with our multiwash capability, cleansing all relevant injection parts between runs. This sophisticated, integrated feature flushes the injection needle outside with three solvents, and uses seat backflush procedures to reduce carryover to less than 9 ppm.
    • Efficient temperature control – for temperature-sensitive samples, simply add Agilent’s new highly efficient compressor-based cooling system. It allows you to maintain perfect temperature control on all vials and plates inserted into the 1260 Infinity Multisampler.
    • Instant information – lights on each drawer l you all you need to know about loading status, current activity, and accessibility.


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